Skills Café Live is a unique, and industry-first solution that turns your virtual training programs into live, collaborative, game-based learning sessions. Skills Café Live enhances peer to peer learning, engagement, collaboration and group decision making.
Virtual gamers
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Platform features
  • Setup live board games which allow participants to collaborate in teams
  • Experience multiplayer simulations which allows for peer to peer learning
  • Build quizzes virtually to challenge participants
  • Recreate real time scenarios for a truly hands on experience
  • Schedule and plan engaging virtual learning
  • Create multiple teams, dynamically assign members to teams, author multiple rounds
  • Keep learners engaged through dynamic score boards, leaderboards and game boards
  • Maximize peer to peer learning and live collaboration amongst participants using team chat boards
  • Facilitate live sessions with features to start/stop and debrief after each round
  • Generate detailed reports
  • User the timer option to maintain a sense of urgency
  • Stage rounds to build difficulty levels
Competency mapped games
Personal Excellence
  • Workplace communication
  • Leading self
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Conflict management
  • Collaboration
  • Negotiation
  • Productivity
  • Customer service
  • Cognitive biases in decision making
  • Cognitive biases for diversity and inclusion
Managing and Leading
  • Leading change
  • Leadership tools
  • Performance management
  • Leading with trust
  • Leading with generational intelligence
  • Cognitive biases in hiring
  • Cognitive biases in performance management
Game library
Choose from our growing range of competency mapped, virtual games, and simulations
Can you show empathy, resolve differences, build trust, while working under conflict?
Be a bias detective
Can you hunt these cognitive and unconscious biases down and interrupt them?
Deal or no deal
Can you manage stakeholders actively and win deals?
High stakes
Can you get your most important stakeholders from to support you?